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A book diary all about running. The ups and downs of running, cancelled events, crazy running distances and everything in between. The good, the bad and the ugly side of running.
A runners diary of what happens when you suddenly become addicted to running.
It all started as a joke, a simple bet between work colleagues. In 2017 after decades of sitting behind a desk, Jason and three colleagues signed up to the Brentwood Half Marathon in Essex in the UK. He was the slowest of the group, but whilst that was the last running event they did, Jason carried on, doing more and more events.
After the disaster that was COVID nearly destroyed the running events industry, his calendar is full of running events some are ones he's done before and some that are quite frankly out of his skill level and comfort zone. This book details what happens next, can he get through the next 12 months without incident? Can he actually finish the events he's signed up for? Is he really that stupid (is this really a question?). Will he sign up for the hardest running events in the UK? Will he tell his wife how much he's spent on running events (probably not).
“Running on Empty” is the follow on book to “Running with COVID” a diary that looks at the hopes and dreams of a unfit runner trying to come to terms with exercise and realising that where there is no pain, you just are not running far enough!
Section Listing:
- Introduction
- New Years Resolutions
- Personal Bests
- A New Year a New Challenge
- A Day at the Races
- Welcome to Essex
- The Old Western Railway
- Frodo of the Shire
- The Many Church Spires
- Going Our Separate Ways
- Running Crossword
- Hadrian Built a Wall
- Race to the Cone
- Welcome to the Carnival
- Darby and the Mountain
- Running Injuries
- November is a Nightmare
- A Sunrise and a Sunset
- Runs Cancelled by Organisers
- Runs Cancelled by Me
- Final Stats
- The End?