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Picture Yourself Creating Video Games is a book that is aimed squarely who wants simple instructions to create a video game.

Using pictures and less text heavy than other books in the archive, this is aimed at the very beginner. Book contained a CD-ROM and a demo of the Games Factory 2.
Picture yourself creating your very own entertaining and exciting video games to play and share with others, without the needing any programming knowledge or game creation experience. "Picture Yourself Creating Video Games" shows amateur video game enthusiasts how to make their own games with The Games Factory 2, a simple drag-and-drop software program. Using clear, step-by-step instructions accompanied by full-colour screenshots and images, this book makes video game creation fun and easy.

You'll begin with a quick overview of the basic hardware and software needed to get started, tips on documenting and laying out your game ideas, and an introduction to the tools and features of The Games Factory 2. Once you're comfortable in the application, you'll start building ChocoBreak, the actual game you'll create as you work through the book. The book contains everything you need to make the game interesting, including motion and animation, adding lives and levels, scoring, music and sound, and more. By the end of the book you'll have produced a complete, playable game and have all the information you need to start building and even testing your own video game creations.