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Over the years Jason Darby has been involved in writing numerous articles for some of the UK's leading print press such as PC Format and Retro Gamer, he has also written for international magazines such as Australian PC Magazine.
Before I started writing books I wrote articles on how to make games on Internet forums, I then progressed onto writing articles for gaming magazines. Writing articles allowed me to show evidence of my writing skills to Charles River Media and they allowed me to write my first book on video game creation (Make Amazing Games in Minutes). I continued to write a number of articles over the subsequent years, with my last one in 2007 (as the books and my day job as a game developer then took most of my time).

I may go back to writing magazine articles if the opportunity arises in the future.
APC Magazine
Bauer Media Group
May 2007
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Game creation article for an Australian PC Magazine (APC). Unfortunately they got my name wrong in the article :)
PC Plus
Future Publishing
March 12, 2007
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Whilst working on my second book I was given the opportunity to write an article for PC Plus magazine. This ended up being a 3 page game making article.
Retro Gamer
Live Publishing
November 23, 2004
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This was my second article for Retro Gamer and was all about game making tools on old school computers such as the Spectrum and Amiga computers. The article detailed programs such as AMOS, STOS, GAC and PAW.
PC Format
Future Publishing
March 25, 2004
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This article showed the user how to make their own bat and ball type of game, one that's been extremely popular as a tutorial for the Games Factory and Fusion over the years. This was part of a three magazine issue deal agreed with Future Publishing.
PC How To
February 25, 2004
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1 page article on how to make your very own Windows screen saver.
Retro Gamer
Live Publishing
February 25, 2004
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The magazine were kind enough to give me a lot of page space to show the user how to make their very own computer game.
PC Answers
Future Publishing
December 16, 2003
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An article on how to build your own screensavers.
Game Maker Magazine
Future Publishing
September 18, 2003
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I was lucky to get the chance to write an article for the very first issue of "The Game Maker" magazine. Unfortunately Future Publishing decided that the magazine was not viable in this form and began to include future issues into PC Format as a supplement. After a few more issues the magazine was scrubbed. The article was about creating a scrolling snowboarding game.