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Make Amazing Games - is a second edition of the popular game making book that was originally released in 2004. This was the first self published book by Jason Darby.

The book uses game development software Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam. An easy drag-and-drop game creation software. The book is aimed at the beginner level.
Many people have aspirations to create their own games but don't know where to start. Make Amazing Games 2nd Edition introduces the game creation process to the aspiring game developer with no experience or programming ability. Taking the reader step-by-step through the various stages of developing a game and using the popular "drag and drop" game creation software (a free version which is available from Steam), the reader can build their very own games. Using the tutorials, the reader will complete a number of fully playable games including a platform, bat & ball, and side-scrolling shoot-em up games. Other chapters cover more complex game features such as porting the game onto the Web, distribution and publishing. This must-have book is the essential resource for anyone interested in learning game creation and don't know where to start.
Companion Files (v2.2) 22nd June 2020:
You can follow along with the game examples in the book by downloading the Free version of Fusion from Steam.
Chapter Listing:
Chapter 1 - Video Games
Chapter 2 - Basic Game Design Concepts
Chapter 3 - Basic Programming Concepts
Chapter 4 - Fusion Basics
Chapter 5 - Finding Your Way Around
Chapter 6 - Working with Objects
Chapter 7 - Configuring Properties
Chapter 8 - Fusion Coding Basics
Chapter 9 - Backing Up Your Games
Chapter 10 - Movement
Chapter 11 - Graphics and Animation
Chapter 12 - Creating a Bat-and-Ball Game
Chapter 13 - Scrolling Game Concepts
Chapter 14 - Creating a Side-scrolling Shoot-'em-up Game
Chapter 15 - Creating a Platform Game
Chapter 16 - Bug Finding and Fixing
Chapter 17 - Additional Concepts
Chapter 18 - Distribution and Publishing
Chapter 19 - Fusion 2.5+
Chapter 20 - Help and Resources