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This book was released in 2004. Make Amazing Games in Minutes was the first of Jason Darby's video game creation books.

This book was based on the popular game creation software called Games Factory 2 and even contained a CDROM (remember those).
Many game enthusiasts have aspirations to create their own games but don't know where to start. Make Amazing Games in Minutes introduces the game creation process to the aspiring game developer with no experience or programming ability. Taking the reader step-by-step through the various stages of developing a game and using the popular 'drag-and-drop' game creation software included on the CD-ROM, the reader can build their very own games.

Using tutorials and step-by-step methods, the reader will complete a fully playable retro game, as well as platform, bat & ball, and side-scrolling shoot-em up games. Other chapters cover more complex game features such as adding effects and scoreboards, porting the game onto the Web, and installation script building. This must-have book is the essential resource for anyone interested in learning game creation and the retro game style.