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Have you always wanted to learn something new? Perhaps you are looking to start a new hobby or just improve your knowledge. JasonDarbyBooks is the place to find new and upcoming books on a variety of subjects.

Initially our books will be for video game creators and runners, but over time we will be expanding our portfolio of titles.


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Running Diary

Running with COVID.
A new runners story and diary of what happens when you suddenly become addicted to running, just as the COVID outbreak takes hold. It all started as a joke, a simple bet between work colleagues.
In 2017 after decades of sitting behind a desk, Jason and three colleagues signed up to the Brentwood Half Marathon in Essex in the UK. He was the slowest of the group, but whilst that was the last running event they did, Jason carried on, doing more and more events.

In 2020, Jason had a number of running events booked. He was hoping to get fitter, but then COVID-19 happened and all running events were cancelled. Feeling dejected, not wanting to get Corona, he took a step back from running. Three months later, something amazing happened, racing events started to be allowed again and Jason went into overdrive on the internet and clicked on "Purchase run"... multiple times. Now his calendar is full of running events some are ones he's done before and some that are quite frankly out of his skill level and comfort zone. This book details what happens next, can he get through the next 12 months without incident? Can he actually finish the events he's signed up for? Is he really that stupid (is this really a question?). Will he sign up for the hardest running event in the UK? Will he tell his wife how much he's spent on running events in 2021 (probably not).
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Difficulty - Beginner

Make Amazing Games - 3rd Ed.
Many people have aspirations to create their own games but don't know where to start. Make Amazing Games 3rd Edition introduces the game creation process to the aspiring game developer with no experience or programming ability. Taking the reader step-by-step through the various stages of developing a game and using the popular "drag and drop" game creation software (a free limited version which is available from Steam), the reader can build their very own games. Using the tutorials, the reader will complete a number of fully playable games including a platform, bat & ball, and side-scrolling shoot-em up games. Other chapters cover more complex game features such as porting the game onto the Web, distribution and publishing. This must-have book is the essential resource for anyone interested in learning game creation and don't know where to start.

The printed version contains a CDROM of all of the required files.
Available on Amazon - check your local Amazon country website for more information.

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